At MJD electrical, we provide a full range of high-quality electrical repair and maintenance services to our customers in Auckland.

Total Electric Solution

We cover every thing from residential, repair, maintenance & commercial projects.

With a team of professionals, we offer a highly standardised regular electrical maintenance which is vital in keeping the latest standards for every electrical equipment to ensure maximum safety. We ensure that our electricians are regularly trained so as to provide you with the latest innovations and electrical services..

Similarly, we offer repair and maintenance services for industrial companies. We recognise that providing high-end electrical solutions in a professional, safe and suitable manner is crucial to the success of any business. We are distinctively qualified to meet the electrical needs of every customer. With our extensive years of experience, along with our specialty services, we have successfully completed a range of commercial projects for financial intuitions, professional offices, auto dealerships, residential complexes, retail centres as well as technology and manufacturing companies.

Often times, electrical equipment and installation becomes faulty; and repairs are hence required. With our extensive range of repair and maintenance services, we ensure that every electrical fault or damage are carefully repaired and maintained accordingly..

For instance, electrical terminations recurrently become loose and this can cause electric arcing and of course, heat; thus, resulting in fire hazard in a home. However, with our regular checks on your electrical equipment and installations, we can highpoint early indications to avoid any risk or impending expenses. From replacing light bulbs to full rewiring, we can carry out extensive repair and maintenance services to suit your needs.

No job is too big or too small, we have got you covered with anything from small maintenance to commercial projects.

Our involvement has always been from early stage to the final stage of any residential development project. We have successful relationships with our residential clients due to our work quality.

Our clients expect their homes to be secure and appealing. We are excellent in choosing exceptional house lighting design that balances our creativity and the atmosphere perfectly. With our experience and knowledge, we can add value to your home or residential development project.

Over the past few years, we have been operating across Auckland, offering a, local and reliable service for our esteemed clients. We’ve successfully provided electrical services to several small and large-scale major residential developments in Auckland.

No job is too big or too small, we have got you covered with anything from small maintenance to commercial projects.

Commercial buildings, such as office buildings, restaurants, cafes and boutique businesses require electrical work to a scale not seen in most homes.

The team at MJD Electrical are highly experienced commercial electricians able to correct the situation, not just so it’s safer, but so that it meets building and safety codes, with a large, capable team able to handle the scale of the job. Make an enquiry today.

Our company is well-established with a large percentage of our work coming from regular customers and recommendations. We delight in our existing customer base, which we have built up over the years. We have worked hard to create a friendly and professional environment for our customers and employees. MJD Electrical is fully insured and complies with every health and safety legislation in Auckland. We are dedicated to safety, reliability and high-quality services and we adhere to every safety standard for electricians in New Zealand.

MJD Electrical currently provides the following electrical repairs and maintenance services:

  • Electrical panel labelling and replacements

  • Electrical inspections, fault finding, troubleshooting

  • Home re-wiring and installations

  • Lighting Fixture Repair, Replacement & Installation

  • Service upgrades and installations

  • Fire repairs

  • Security and external lighting

  • Commercial and Industrial services

  • Electrical Installations

  • Safety information

You are welcome to contact us today to schedule an appointment with MJD Electrical in Auckland for your electrical repairs and maintenance. We respond rapidly to emergencies; our innovative equipment can help us get to you in the fastest time. Contact us today.